Dean Lynch

Mayor, Cooma-Monaro Shire Council

You could say that Cooma punches well above its weight when it comes to the services, amenities and the many lifestyle choices available to residents of the Shire. You’ll love living in Cooma.



Cooma is a friendly, proud and safe community where you get to know the locals pretty quickly. The whole shire has just over 10,000 residents with almost two-thirds living in Cooma.

Despite its size, Cooma has the services and amenities expected of a much larger town. As the largest town and “capital” of the Snowy Mountains region, Cooma is characterized by town and country vibrancy through the week and weekends filled with special events, sport and a rich array of recreational activities.

Sporting, cultural, business and service clubs play a large part in the life of this active community.

Cooma is also one of the safest places in New South Wales according to the Bureau of Crime Statistics

Importantly, Cooma is a great place to buy your own home. Living in Cooma has many advantages.

However, it has a major advantage in terms of housing affordability.

In the 12 months to 31 December 2014, freestanding house prices in Cooma were less than half those in Canberra and just 25% of Sydney’s house prices.

The lower mortgage required to purchase comparable housing in Cooma significantly lowers your cost of living, improving household budgets and gives more lifestyle opportunities to your family.


Median Freestanding House Prices Year Ending December 2014

Sydney $1,005,000
Melbourne $646,500
Canberra $626,200
Brisbane $547,200
NSW $544,000
Cooma $249,000